Sample Description
Azure Functions - LangChain with Azure OpenAI and ChatGPT (Python v2 Function) How to take a human prompt as HTTP Get or Post input, calculates the completions using chains of human input and templates.
AI Shopping Cart - App Template for Java, Azure OpenAI and Azure Spring Apps AI Shopping Cart is a sample application that supercharges your shopping experience with the power of AI.
Azure OpenAI .NET Samples Azure OpenAI .NET Samples
Azure OpenAI Samples collection Collection of code samples illustrating how to use Azure Open AI in creating AI solution for various use cases across industries.
Azure OpenAI Service ChatGPT + Azure Cosmos DB This sample application combines Azure Cosmos DB with Azure OpenAI Service to build a simple AI-enabled Chat Application.
Azure OpenAI Service as a central capability with Azure API Management Implement Azure OpenAI in a production environment with an emphasis on cost control, secure access, and usage monitoring.
Azure OpenAI Service Load Balancing with Azure API Management How to use Azure API Management to load balance requests to multiple instances of the Azure OpenAI Service.
Azure OpenAI Service Multitenant Load Balancing and TPM Handling Azure OpenAI Service provides various isolation and tenancy models for different scenarios.
Azure OpenAI Service Proxy Convert OpenAI official API request to Azure OpenAI API request. Support GPT-4,Embeddings,Langchain. Adapter from OpenAI to Azure OpenAI.
Azure search OpenAI demo A sample app for the Retrieval-Augmented Generation pattern running in Azure, using Azure AI Search for retrieval and Azure OpenAI large language models to power ChatGPT-style and Q&A experiences.
Azure search OpenAI TypeScript sample appdemo A TypeScript sample app for the Retrieval Augmented Generation pattern running on Azure, using Azure AI Search for retrieval and Azure OpenAI and LangChain large language models (LLMs) to power ChatGPT-style and Q&A experiences.
How to deploy and run an Azure OpenAI ChatGPT application on AKS via Terraform How to deploy an Azure Kubernetes Service(AKS) cluster and Azure OpenAI Service using Terraform modules with the Azure Provider.
OpenAI Cookbook Example code and guides for accomplishing common tasks with the OpenAI API.
Retrieval Augmented Generation with Azure SQL DB and OpenAI Session recommender using Jamstack and Event-Driven architecture, using Azure SQL DB to store and search vectors embeddings generated using OpenAI.
Session Recommender using Azure SQL DB, Open AI and Vector Search Retrieval Augmented Generation solution using OpenAI, Azure Functions, Azure Static Web Apps, Azure SQL DB, Data API builder and Text Embeddings.
Simple Chat Application using Azure OpenAI (Python) Python Quart app that streams responses from ChatGPT to an HTML/JS frontend using JSON Lines over a ReadableStream.
Vector similarity search with Azure SQL & Azure OpenAI How to use Azure OpenAI from Azure SQL database to get the vector embeddings of any choosen text, and then calculate the cosine similarity against the Wikipedia articles (for which vector embeddings have been already calculated,) to find the articles that covers topics that are close - or similar - to the provided text.
Web chat through Azure OpenAI Service ChatGPT Sample code for a simple web chat experience through Azure OpenAI, including Azure OpenAI On Your Data.

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